Committee Information

Meeting information on all committees can be found here.


By Rule, committee members are delegates, temporary delegates, board members, or board staff from a member state licensing board or agency.

Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is empowered to act on behalf of the Commission between Commission meetings, except for rulemaking or amendment of the Compact.

Position Name State/Affiliation
Chair Jamie Doming LA
Vice Chair Dr. Andrea Brooks KY
Treasurer Kim Speakman TN
Secretary Dr. Latofia Parker AL
Member-at-Large Ashleigh Irving FL
Member-at-Large Dr. Denauvo Robinson NC
Member-at-Large Brian Carnahan OH
Ex-Officio Matt Grayson AASCB
Ex-Officio Dr. Lynn Linde ACA
Ex-Officio Dr. Beverly Smith AMHCA
Ex-Officio Dr. Kylie Dotson-Blake NBCC

Compliance Committee 

The Compliance Committee monitors member state’s compliance with the terms of the Compact and its authorized rules.

Commissioner State
Johnie Fredman OK
Amy Mooney IA
Carol Stabens Burroughs MT
Hannah Coyt KY
Tonya Schaeffer OH
Sam Rosario NH
Laura Fazio-Griffith OH
Kim Speakman TN
Deneauvo Robinson NC
Lisa Connors MD

Elections Committee (currently being established)

The Elections Committee is established to:

a. Inform the Commissioners on the responsibilities of the office;
b. Encourage participation by the Commissioners in the elections process ;
c. Announce nominations deadline and anticipated vacancies of the Executive
Committee of the Commission;
d. Communicate with incumbents to determine if they wish to run for re-election.
e. Accept qualified nominees and prepare a slate of candidates for the election of the officers or
members at large of the Executive Committee;
f. Present a list of candidates to the Commission including the terms of office
expiration dates; and
g. Tally and verify the election results and report to the Commission.

Commissioner State

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial oversight and ensures the Commission is operating within its budget and is developing financial resources to achieve its purposes.

Commissioner State
Kim Speakman, Chair TN
Jamie Doming (ex-officio) LA
Tom Black GA
Dr. Latofia Parker AL
Foley Nash LA
Brian Carnahan OH
Susan Meyerle NE

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee develops compact rules, bylaw amendments, and policies for consideration by the Commission and for implementation by the states. It also reviews existing rules and recommends changes to the Commission.

Name State
Ashleigh Irving FL
Angie Smith GA
Dr. Andrea Brooks, Interim Chair KY
LeeAnn Mordecai MS
Dr. Denauvo Robinson NC
Lindsey Courtney NH
Tony Onorato WV
Justin Moore AR
Gloria Lindsey MO

Additional committees as determined in the bylaws will be created when the compact implementation has progressed further.

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