There are two proposed rules and one set of bylaws posted for public comment at this time. They are linked below. These rules and bylaws rule will be discussed and voted on at the Annual Business Meeting of 2023 (October 25, 2023).

Interested persons may electronically submit written comments on the proposed rule to with the subject line “Counseling Compact Rule Comment” or by attending the October 25 Annual Business Meeting, at which the rules and bylaws will be discussed and voted on (register for the meeting here). Written comments on the proposed rule must be submitted by 2 p.m. ET the day before the meeting (October 24).

In accordance with the Rule on Rulemaking, these rules are posted here for public comment 30 days prior to the meeting where they will be voted on. This page constitutes official notice of the rules posting.

Proposed Rule on Definitions

Proposed Rule on Examination Requirements

Proposed Bylaws

Additional information on rulemaking:

Rule on Rulemaking (adopted October 25, 2022)