The Counseling Compact is an interstate compact, or a contract among states, allowing professional counselors licensed and residing in a compact member state to practice in other compact member states without need for multiple licenses.

This graphic covers the basics.

Professional counselors who meet uniform licensure requirements are able to quickly obtain a privilege to practice, which is equivalent to a license to practice counseling in another state.

The Compact creates a shared interstate licensure data system, allowing for near-instant verification of licensure status. Through the data system, a privilege to practice can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

The data system also enhances public protection by ensuring that member states share investigative and disciplinary information with one another.

The Compact will help counselors by affording them greater ease of mobility, cutting drastically the time needed for authorization to practice in a new state. The Compact will also create new market opportunities for counselors.

The Compact will help clients by improving continuity of care when clients or counselors travel or relocate.

The Compact will help the public by ensuring that member states rapidly share investigative and disciplinary information and cooperate in investigations of misconduct by practitioners, when necessary. 

The Counseling Compact works together with universal license recognition laws to increase license portability.

The Compact will go into effect once enacted into law by ten (10) states. This is could occur as early as 2022.