Kentucky Joins Counseling Compact

On April 8, 2022, Gov. Beshear of Kentucky signed House Bill 65 into law, making Kentucky the 9th state to enact the Interstate Counseling Compact. The Compact will be activated after one more state enacts the Compact. 

Once ten states enact the compact, the member states will work to establish the interstate commission and officially convene its first meeting to draft the rules and bylaws of Compact. Once the commissioners agree upon rules and establish a method for Compact member states to share information, states will be able to grant Compact licenses and individuals residing in those states will be able to take advantage of the benefits the Compact offers. 

To see the press release from the American Counseling Association about this legislation, click here.

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I appreciate all that has gone in to the enacting of this counseling compact and look forward to enjoying the benefits of compact licensure. We have moved rapidly from 3 members states to 9 in a single month; it seems likely that we will soon have the required 10 and enact the compact. From that point, is it possible to estimate the time until applications are available for compact licensure? Thanks so much for this phenomenal opportunity.

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